That Magical Place Called London

London. The host city for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The land of British Cycling. And the site of my first world cup. For 13 months I worked my ass off to make this happen. Over $20,000.00 later, I've gotten to my first world cup. This is not how I wanted to go to my … Continue reading That Magical Place Called London


UCI Fastest [Woman] on Wheels

Thirty women signed up for Ttowns UCI Fastest [Woman] on Wheels event last Friday night....┬áthirty women signed up for a keirin. I've never been to an event in the USA that has yielded so many women for a sprint event. Maybe a points or scratch or something a little more tame and well natured, but … Continue reading UCI Fastest [Woman] on Wheels

UCI Keirin Cup / UCI Champions of Sprint Night 1 / UCI US Sprint Grand Prix

I've been in Ttown for two weeks now, and it's been a fast two weeks. The first week I was here, without stepping a foot on the track in almost a year, I lined up for the UCI Keirin Cup for some Friday night racing. With enough countries represented to allow class 2 points, I … Continue reading UCI Keirin Cup / UCI Champions of Sprint Night 1 / UCI US Sprint Grand Prix

“Fastest Woman on Wheels”

Ahhhh, sprinter households. Only do they appreciate the constant need to lay around and do absolutely nothing. Fresh out of the US timed national championships, I was prepared to collect some much-needed UCI keirin points here in t-town, and that I did. The title of "fastest woman on wheels" is now donned upon me, but … Continue reading “Fastest Woman on Wheels”

NVGP [check]

I have finished. I was the 54th finisher, out of 55 who completely finished the stage, and with 92 people who started the time trial on stage 1. I am happy, I am proud. And I finished. That was the goal. I have made some incredible friends, and incredible teammates for life. Robin, Holly, Elle, … Continue reading NVGP [check]

Nature Valley Grand Prix: Stages 3 and 4

Yesterday was a scary day for our team. Robin and Laura went down in the "horror" crash that took place. Neither of them are going to be finishing the stages, which is really unfortunate, because both of them were doing incredibly well. We are sad to see this happen, and stayed up last night waiting … Continue reading Nature Valley Grand Prix: Stages 3 and 4

Nature Valley Day 1: Stages 1 and 2

Well, this has been an incredible learning experience, and it's only day number one. Instead of giving you a whole recap, I've decided to list the things I've learned, and keep the mindset positive. 1. I underestimated myself in the time trial. 2. I CAN ride in the front of a crit. 3. I need … Continue reading Nature Valley Day 1: Stages 1 and 2