Alright friends. California=spectacular. Coming home to amazing weather=outstanding. Summer is here, and NVGP training has begun. Super excited about this one. Even more so than collegiate nationals. Got some new goals set, and they are set high, but not unattainable.

My car is clean. Dad buffed and waxed, then tonight, the windows, carpets, and the sad passenger seat full of who-knows-what was cleansed into a lovely shade of tan that it was originally purchased in. It’s chipped and scratched beyond anything I would like it to be, but CO winters of gravel and pea-rock roads don’t help much, along with college students who don’t really give a…well you know what I mean.

So, with that, more people to see, trips to plan, and my life to figure out. (not really). I will continue to daydream outside in the garden.


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