UCI Fastest [Woman] on Wheels

Thirty women signed up for Ttowns UCI Fastest [Woman] on Wheels event last Friday night.... thirty women signed up for a keirin. I've never been to an event in the USA that has yielded so many women for a sprint event. Maybe a points or scratch or something a little more tame and well natured, but [...]


UCI Keirin Cup / UCI Champions of Sprint Night 1 / UCI US Sprint Grand Prix

I've been in Ttown for two weeks now, and it's been a fast two weeks. The first week I was here, without stepping a foot on the track in almost a year, I lined up for the UCI Keirin Cup for some Friday night racing. With enough countries represented to allow class 2 points, I [...]

“Fastest Woman on Wheels”

Ahhhh, sprinter households. Only do they appreciate the constant need to lay around and do absolutely nothing. Fresh out of the US timed national championships, I was prepared to collect some much-needed UCI keirin points here in t-town, and that I did. The title of "fastest woman on wheels" is now donned upon me, but [...]