World Cup – Los Angeles

"Your mother and I couldn't get the links to work. We were checking the UCI one, and another one wanted my credit card information. Then I remember your brother was there. So I texted him. And he said to go to Facebook. And there you were. He put in on live for us. We saw [...]


Rider of the Year, National Champ, Women’s Open…Turning the Page.

Last night, as the fireworks blasted over the packed velodrome, I looked around at all the faces staring up at the night sky, and I felt happy. Riding into the velodrome, being announced as an Olympic Long Team member, National champion, world cup medalist, and the new 2016 Rider of the Year will forever be [...]

Through My Eyes: World Cycling League TeamTrak Premier

Friday night's final race...the men's 8000m was going to make or break the California Wave sweeping the first session of the TeamTrack Premier. Alissa, Korina, Nate, and I were jumping up and down on the home straight, kindly staying off the apron to please the officials, to see if Andreas, Zack, and Zane can give [...]

Pan Am Championships 2015

The thud in my left hip. That is what I'm waiting for. While I'm spinning on the rollers early in the morning, with my down vest and Team USA stocking cap on, my first goal of the day, before racing even gets started, is putting my hip back where it belongs, so that left leg [...]

Keeping the Dream Alive

After what seems like forever that I go without posting on my blog, now all the news hits at once. Yesterday, the team for the 2015 Pan Am Championships was announced via USA Cycling's website. I logged into my Facebook account, and the first thing on my newsfeed was an article posted just minutes before [...]

Starting, again. Again. Again.

When we sat down and looked at the selection criteria, trying to come up with a plan for the remainder of the season, July 31st became the deadline. We had our fingers crossed, maybe I could race in T-town at the end of June (no). Or maybe in Japan in early July (no). Or maybe [...]