That One Time at Track Camp

It wasn't long ago that Bobby Lea and I were driving through the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center, completing our medical exams for the UCI Bio Passport, where I got an email inviting me to an invite only US Track Sprint Camp in Colorado Springs. And it wasn't long ago that I was in Colorado … Continue reading That One Time at Track Camp

welcome back home

It’s been a week now since I moved away from Colorado Springs. In some ways it feels like only yesterday, and in others, it feels like I never left. Being back in California feels like home. This is where I made everything happen. This is where I came to chase my dream. This is where … Continue reading welcome back home

Mr. and Mrs. Burnett

It’s amazing to look back on my years at Fort Lewis, and try to imagine them without you two. The tall thin handsome track pursuiter from Durango, and the blonde blue-eyed outgoing beautiful babe from Connecticut. You two helped and watched me  grow up. As a person, as an athlete. You encouraged me, and in … Continue reading Mr. and Mrs. Burnett

US Grand Prix of Sprinting

The weekend is over, and all I want to do is sleep. This was my second UCI event, (the first being the 2013 Pan American championships), and the keirin was first. My favorite event, and my target for this years world cups. Riders from the US, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Mexico were present for the women. … Continue reading US Grand Prix of Sprinting

Track Camp: GO

Today is the first day of our USA Cycling National Track Sprint Team Camp, and also the USA Cycling Talent I.D. Camp here in Colorado Springs. Doesn't feel any different for those of us who live here, but it's nice to see some familiar faces walking around the training center. Friday night I prepared myself … Continue reading Track Camp: GO

A Day of Rest

I was woken by the usual sneezing and grunting from Ryu, at 5:15 am, telling me, "MOM, I WANNA GO OUTSIDE!", "MOM, I REALLY NEED TO GO!" , "MOM THE SUN IS COMING UP!", while Eva climbs into the bed and rolls over her eyes, quieting telling him to shut the f*** up. After rolling … Continue reading A Day of Rest

I Finally Got My Winter

Winter in California mostly consists of clouds, some rain, and 50 degree weather. While people are walking around in their shorts and ugg boots, I found myself loosing my Minnesota skin and bundling up like it was -30, when realistically, in Minnesota, I'd still be running in a tank and shorts. It didn't feel like … Continue reading I Finally Got My Winter

I moved again. Whoops.

It has happened. I'm back living in the lovely state of Colorado. First time I ever set foot in COS was for a USA Cycling women's national road talent I.D. camp in second summer riding. It was at this camp, that we were supposed to have some track time, but unfortunately it never happened. … Continue reading I moved again. Whoops.

Moving, A Race I Did, Eva, and a Photo Shoot.

Part 1: Moving Why are you moving? The question that continues to come and come without a sign of stopping. So, without further ado, let's look at the reasons... #1: Finances - Yes, I have a super fun, nice full/part-time position at a bike shop, I have a place to live, I have some support for … Continue reading Moving, A Race I Did, Eva, and a Photo Shoot.

to: my flc girls

I wrote this for Sarah Sturm, in 2010, before her first collegiate mountain bike national championships with FLC. And now, I'm writing it for all you FLC girls, who are competing in whatever national championship, conference race, "fun" race, training ride...I'm saying it to Allie, and Meghan, and Ivie, and Laur Cat, and Nathalie, and Giggle … Continue reading to: my flc girls