Pan Am Championships 2015

The thud in my left hip. That is what I'm waiting for. While I'm spinning on the rollers early in the morning, with my down vest and Team USA stocking cap on, my first goal of the day, before racing even gets started, is putting my hip back where it belongs, so that left leg … Continue reading Pan Am Championships 2015

welcome back home

It’s been a week now since I moved away from Colorado Springs. In some ways it feels like only yesterday, and in others, it feels like I never left. Being back in California feels like home. This is where I made everything happen. This is where I came to chase my dream. This is where … Continue reading welcome back home

5 hours in the Redmond Airport..

Well, now that we are stuck in the Redmond Airport for the next 5 hours, this should be just great. Our flights are delayed, and finals are being studied for. I had to chug a whole water bottle full of water before security, and the combination of having the stomach flu and that..well it's not … Continue reading 5 hours in the Redmond Airport..