Back on Track…for Friday Night.

Since the World Cycling League took place in March, my track bike has been in its cute little “Look” cardboard box just waiting for me to ride it. Setting up ERO Pennsylvania and settling in our new place in PA has taken priority over training and racing, but I knew it was only a matter of time. So on Thursday, since Friday night racing was literally the next day, Andy and I loaded my bike up in the car and went to the track Thursday morning to take a couple of laps spin behind the motorbike. Trying to find your track legs after another two months away is pretty funny and challenging, and I was tired! But I left with a mouthful of smiles and all giddy like it was my first ride again.


I got a UCI license 5 minutes before the women’s UCI Class 1 Scratch Race started, threw on my Vie 13 speed suit, and rolled up to the line with all the ladies. It felt awesome being back on the Valley Preferred Cycling Center Velodrome. Two years ago I was here…I won the keirin on opening night. Last year I had to sit the summer out, and now I’m back, in a very different mindset.

2016-06-05 19.31.26

The race was fun. It reminded me again that I love racing my bike. Even with just 30-40 laps under my belt over the past 2.5 months, I felt right at home on my beautiful bike, on that beautiful track, in front of a great crowd, with my Pee Wee Pedalers, Squirts and Weeble-Wobblers, and BRL kids cheering me on.

I love racing my bike. I’ve dreamed big dreams, I’ve experienced failure and heartbreak, but I’ve always gotten back on my two wheels and gotten faster and gone harder than before. With a little training, I know big things are in my future, if I choose to continue pursuing it. But I also know that I have found happiness is my profession, in my family, and in what I have made for myself. No medal or race win will change that, it just adds to the fun of life. 🙂

Thank you for all the love and support, as always. I’m very proud to have taken the win in the women’s UCI Class 1 Scratch Race on Opening Night. Now it’s back to work, fitting, coaching, planting a garden, mowing lawn, and eating more brownies and hot dogs!


2016-06-05 15.24.38


One thought on “Back on Track…for Friday Night.

  1. You rock missy. You inspire. You got back up from severe hurt, just like a kid from up here did (Hugo Barrette) never, ever stop…

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