TV Time, Personal Gold Film, and Track Worlds!

Quite a bit happened very quickly after I returned from the world cup in Cali. For a few weeks, I've had plans with KSTP - TV out of Minneapolis, who had interest in coming to do a story with me. They also traveled down to San Diego to cover Alise Post, the 2012 London Olympian … Continue reading TV Time, Personal Gold Film, and Track Worlds!

I Finally Got My Winter

Winter in California mostly consists of clouds, some rain, and 50 degree weather. While people are walking around in their shorts and ugg boots, I found myself loosing my Minnesota skin and bundling up like it was -30, when realistically, in Minnesota, I'd still be running in a tank and shorts. It didn't feel like … Continue reading I Finally Got My Winter

Welcome to the Team.

Well, I did it. I can't think of a better Christmas present to myself. An 11.70, the fastest flying 200 I have done by .41 seconds. And in the world of sprinting, .4 is A LOT, especially in under three months. Since nationals, I've been training alone. 5:30 AM weight sessions, followed by riding, followed … Continue reading Welcome to the Team.

:thanks mom and dad:

Parents. When we are young, we can’t stand them. Constantly asking where we are, buying those clothes we really can’t stand to wear, and making us do those awful chores we’d rather be watching TV than doing. Growing up, I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest kid, I always seemed to find the most expensive sports … Continue reading :thanks mom and dad:

103 Days

There isn't a single bit of snow to measure on the ground. Well, I managed to find some in the shadows of our house, or on the icy Vallecito nordic trails, but when I look outside, I don't think of January in Colorado, I think of a March/April, of the spring time, where the snow … Continue reading 103 Days

The year 2011, in a nut-shell.

First off, this past week, I did the great drive from Durango, CO to Alexandria, MN. The best part of the drive...the scenery. It's unreal what can change in a year. The places you go, the people you meet. 2011 has been an incredible year, just like all the others. Instead of sending out a … Continue reading The year 2011, in a nut-shell.

Wisconsin…Round two for 2011

I built up my bike the first night we arrived at camp. SFO->DEN->MSP. That was an adventure. Got some awesome photos from the plane of the clouds. Blue bird skies in Denver, and then overcast in Minnesota. But isn't that how it always is? It seems that the rain has been following me everywhere lately, … Continue reading Wisconsin…Round two for 2011

Since the word is out and all…

Kowalski's Markets Collegiate All-Star Team For Nature Valley Grand Prix Loaded With Talent Six riders with a combined seven podium finishes at the recent USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals make up the Kowalski's Markets Collegiate All-Stars team for this month's Nature Valley Grand Prix. Elle Anderson (Dartmouth College) and Kimberley Turner (Seattle Pacific University) are … Continue reading Since the word is out and all…


Alright friends. California=spectacular. Coming home to amazing weather=outstanding. Summer is here, and NVGP training has begun. Super excited about this one. Even more so than collegiate nationals. Got some new goals set, and they are set high, but not unattainable. My car is clean. Dad buffed and waxed, then tonight, the windows, carpets, and the … Continue reading Settling…

Night Time Adrenaline

So, i was reading Cari Higgins blog tonight, just now actually, and she had this awesome video linked to her post. And i watched it, and low and behold, almost the entire COS track crew was in it! I am so excited for this coming summer. I'm going back to CSprings, I'll be training harder … Continue reading Night Time Adrenaline