NVGP [check]

I have finished. I was the 54th finisher, out of 55 who completely finished the stage, and with 92 people who started the time trial on stage 1. I am happy, I am proud. And I finished. That was the goal.

I have made some incredible friends, and incredible teammates for life. Robin, Holly, Elle, Kim, and Laura….not to mention our staff, and director John Barron, and NVGP for giving this team the opportunity to race.

Our team races as individuals, and as individuals, we ride as hard as we can. This is the first year the team was doing as well as it did individually, and we almost all made it to the final stage, despite the crash that took out Laura and Robin.

I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity, and am glad that I was able to take part in it. It is a memory I will never forget. Not only being Holly’s roommate, and sharing ridiculous memories together. And laughing in the van, riding race courses, getting lost, destroying the grocery store….so much fun.

College is definitely the best time of your life, and life keeps getting better and better. I learned a lot, I liked some of it, and I didn’t like other parts of it. I struggled, I thrived, I laughed, and we all know, I cried.

But enough of that. It’s done. It’s over. We all leave tomorrow morning, and then we go our separate ways. The bikes are packed, the clothes are in the wash, and we’re going to watch a movie and eat ice cream. I can’t think of a better way to see off this incredible trip.

P.S. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


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