Wisconsin…Round two for 2011

I built up my bike the first night we arrived at camp. SFO->DEN->MSP. That was an adventure. Got some awesome photos from the plane of the clouds. Blue bird skies in Denver, and then overcast in Minnesota. But isn’t that how it always is? It seems that the rain has been following me everywhere lately, between trying to get on the track in COS, and failing, and riding in Cali, and enduring two-a-days in the rain. Oh well, now I’m in Minnesota and the weather was first starting out that way, but has appeared to take a turn for the better.

I’m super bummed that I am missing the Fixed Gear Classic right now. Having too much communication with Vera Divenyi, Maddie Godby, and Mark Tyson, sometimes, makes me a little sad. But I’m really excited they are doing so well! The field this year is incredible! Next year, I’ll race it again. I had way too much fun to not go!

But anywho, camp is good. Hanging out in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin isn’t so bad. At least we have a good internet connection. The house is HUGE. 20 some beds, holding 30+ people. I still haven’t ventured about past the path that leads from the kitchen to the garage to my room in fear that I will get lost.

I’m sure there will be blog postings on the nature valley website and photos and videos up soon from camp and what not. When that happens I’ll post them on this wonderful blog of mine for everyone to see.

You can check out this website (http://www.naturevalleybicyclefestival.com/Collegiate-All-Stars/Team ) and see the current 2011 team for the collegiate all-stars. And also, follow us on twitter @CollASCT. There is also a facebook page


That is all from me now.

P.S. I have these awesome trading cards that all the collegiate riders get, with our picture and info and random whatevers on it. If you want one. Reserve one! I’ll save it for you and send one your way!


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