Marymoor Grand Prix and My First Two US Track Records

I wish the Marymoor Grand Prix could go on forever. Day after day, racing in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful places in the United States, with crowds in the thousands,  from 10am to midnight...If you haven't experienced it, you have no idea what you are missing. I'm taking a page … Continue reading Marymoor Grand Prix and My First Two US Track Records


to: my flc girls

I wrote this for Sarah Sturm, in 2010, before her first collegiate mountain bike national championships with FLC. And now, I'm writing it for all you FLC girls, who are competing in whatever national championship, conference race, "fun" race, training ride...I'm saying it to Allie, and Meghan, and Ivie, and Laur Cat, and Nathalie, and Giggle … Continue reading to: my flc girls

Mines HCTT/DU Crit

Alright trackies out there, I have gone outside the boundaries. I did the Oredigger Classic Hill Climb this weekend, up Look Out mountain. And I actually enjoyed it. We did this climb last year, and it was my favorite one, out of them all, but this year, it is the only HCTT on our RMCCC … Continue reading Mines HCTT/DU Crit