to: my flc girls

I wrote this for Sarah Sturm, in 2010, before her first collegiate mountain bike national championships with FLC. And now, I'm writing it for all you FLC girls, who are competing in whatever national championship, conference race, "fun" race, training ride...I'm saying it to Allie, and Meghan, and Ivie, and Laur Cat, and Nathalie, and Giggle … Continue reading to: my flc girls

CMU Collegiate Weekend

This past weekend was the CMU (Colorado Mesa University) RMCCC weekend in Grand Junction. It is true, I have stated that I am not racing road, and I wasn't, until I was given the call that I needed too. So, now I am. The TTT and Crit that is. I did attempt the road race … Continue reading CMU Collegiate Weekend

Mr. Dave Hagen

Let's, if you haven't realized yet, we just won mountain bike nationals for maybe the 5th year in a row, making us 18 time national champions. Congrats to all those mountain bike people who went. Sarah Sturm, Lauren Catlin, Rotem Ishay and Howard Grotts are all 2011 D1 collegiate mountain bike champions as well! … Continue reading Mr. Dave Hagen

Photographs, Dirt, and Changes.

Well, if you haven't noticed, the whole page here changed. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Kinda bored with the other one. In other news, I'm racing mtn bikes tomorrow. How odd is that?! Oh well, it's the FLC home race, so it'll be fun with lots of people from … Continue reading Photographs, Dirt, and Changes.

RMCCC Conference Finals: Check.

Waking up this morning was nice. The sun is shining, but everything is wet. I'm waiting for us to be enveloped in a fog cloud of steam in a few minutes. I can see it happening up on campus as I type. Today I have my first final. I'm pretty lucky it involves using our … Continue reading RMCCC Conference Finals: Check.

USAFA TTT/Crit/Road Race

‎"We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start." - Anonymous I came across this on Twitter this morning, and it made me realize what a great collegiate season I am having. It always feels good to win, but it's also good to see your teammates win, the boys of FLC cycling win, … Continue reading USAFA TTT/Crit/Road Race

Mesa State TTT, Crit, and RR

Well, we did it, again...FLC women won the TTT, Crit, and Road Race. Seriously. The weather ended up being pretty good, seeing the it was forecasted to be quite the horrible weekend. Sunday, we rode in a few flurries and experienced a little more of the cold weather, but despite the cold, we prevailed, again. … Continue reading Mesa State TTT, Crit, and RR