US Grand Prix of Sprinting

The weekend is over, and all I want to do is sleep. This was my second UCI event, (the first being the 2013 Pan American championships), and the keirin was first. My favorite event, and my target for this years world cups. Riders from the US, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Mexico were present for the women. … Continue reading US Grand Prix of Sprinting


Summer Camp Part Three: Marymoor Grand Prix

Patience. It's that thing I'm experiencing as I put one quarter in at a time through the laundry machine slot, ¬†awaiting the spew of water that will eventually fill and wash my clothing. Or, as I wait for the water to boil so I can have my morning cup of coffee. Or, as I ride … Continue reading Summer Camp Part Three: Marymoor Grand Prix

CMU Collegiate Weekend

This past weekend was the CMU (Colorado Mesa University) RMCCC weekend in Grand Junction. It is true, I have stated that I am not racing road, and I wasn't, until I was given the call that I needed too. So, now I am. The TTT and Crit that is. I did attempt the road race … Continue reading CMU Collegiate Weekend

NVGP [check]

I have finished. I was the 54th finisher, out of 55 who completely finished the stage, and with 92 people who started the time trial on stage 1. I am happy, I am proud. And I finished. That was the goal. I have made some incredible friends, and incredible teammates for life. Robin, Holly, Elle, … Continue reading NVGP [check]

Nature Valley Grand Prix: Stages 3 and 4

Yesterday was a scary day for our team. Robin and Laura went down in the "horror" crash that took place. Neither of them are going to be finishing the stages, which is really unfortunate, because both of them were doing incredibly well. We are sad to see this happen, and stayed up last night waiting … Continue reading Nature Valley Grand Prix: Stages 3 and 4

Nature Valley Day 1: Stages 1 and 2

Well, this has been an incredible learning experience, and it's only day number one. Instead of giving you a whole recap, I've decided to list the things I've learned, and keep the mindset positive. 1. I underestimated myself in the time trial. 2. I CAN ride in the front of a crit. 3. I need … Continue reading Nature Valley Day 1: Stages 1 and 2

Wisconsin…Round two for 2011

I built up my bike the first night we arrived at camp. SFO->DEN->MSP. That was an adventure. Got some awesome photos from the plane of the clouds. Blue bird skies in Denver, and then overcast in Minnesota. But isn't that how it always is? It seems that the rain has been following me everywhere lately, … Continue reading Wisconsin…Round two for 2011