46,707 Miles of 2014

Twenty-fourteen. Tomorrow it's in the past, and a new year is before us. I'll continue writing "2014" on all my rent checks, probably until about May, once again. And damn, the Rio Games are just over a year away...EEEKKK. When I look back at what I've done this year, man...it's been pretty unbelievable. Take this … Continue reading 46,707 Miles of 2014

Night Time Adrenaline

So, i was reading Cari Higgins blog tonight, just now actually, and she had this awesome video linked to her post. And i watched it, and low and behold, almost the entire COS track crew was in it! I am so excited for this coming summer. I'm going back to CSprings, I'll be training harder … Continue reading Night Time Adrenaline