2014 Pan Am Championships and….?

Grab a snack and maybe a water bottle. This is a long one. Day One – Team Sprint My first race day was the women’s team sprint. Last year I was part of a national record team, that took 4th place, just missing the podium, and this year, I wanted revenge and to bring home … Continue reading 2014 Pan Am Championships and….?

Matrix Track Cup

“So how’s the weather in LA?” “So freaking hot! It was 105 when we left!” “Dang!” “How’s the snow in Colorado?” “I don’t want to talk about it.” It seems, mid-sprint, at the Superdrome Matrix Track Cup, Amanda Cyr and I found a middle ground in weather, with some wind, sunshine, and 80 degree temperatures. … Continue reading Matrix Track Cup

Elite Track National Championships

On May 9, 2012, the day of my 22nd birthday, I moved to LA. That was 4 months and 3 weeks ago. I'm sitting here on the couch the day afterward, trying to think of a way to recap my racing, but all I can think about is the people who helped me get here, … Continue reading Elite Track National Championships