2014 US Elite Track National Championships Recap

This elite national championships was the first "big event", I haven't been 100% prepared for. Physically, I'm not tapered like many of the other athletes. With the 2014 Pan Am Continental Track Championships taking place in just a few weeks, we've taken the approach to prepare completely for that event, being the first Olympic Qualifying … Continue reading 2014 US Elite Track National Championships Recap


Looking Ahead…

In a few days, I'll be getting on a plane for my first trip to Rockhill, South Carolina, for the US Elite Track National Championships. Last year, I competed at the Elite Timed Nationals, and I skipped Mass start, for a chance to race over in Germany for two weeks, and then up to Canada … Continue reading Looking Ahead…

UCI Fastest [Woman] on Wheels

Thirty women signed up for Ttowns UCI Fastest [Woman] on Wheels event last Friday night.... thirty women signed up for a keirin. I've never been to an event in the USA that has yielded so many women for a sprint event. Maybe a points or scratch or something a little more tame and well natured, but … Continue reading UCI Fastest [Woman] on Wheels

Thirty Little Notes in Russia

Thirty little notes are scattered throughout my bags. Wheels bags, bike box, suitcase, backpack. Twenty-nine of them have been recovered. One of them is still hiding. I know there are thirty, only because they are numbered. Thirty little notes of inspiration, wisdom, and love. Thirty notes to remind me of home, remind me of why … Continue reading Thirty Little Notes in Russia

Matrix Track Cup

“So how’s the weather in LA?” “So freaking hot! It was 105 when we left!” “Dang!” “How’s the snow in Colorado?” “I don’t want to talk about it.” It seems, mid-sprint, at the Superdrome Matrix Track Cup, Amanda Cyr and I found a middle ground in weather, with some wind, sunshine, and 80 degree temperatures. … Continue reading Matrix Track Cup

The First 24 Hours of Japan

If I said I was 100% confident about getting on plane for my first solo international trip, going to a country I've never been too, and pulling off 8 days in Japan, 3 days of bike racing, and two UCI Class 1 events....I would be lying. I was terrified. It is true, last year I … Continue reading The First 24 Hours of Japan


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