Thank You for 2013/2014

I posted this on my Facebook athlete page ( a while ago, but I never managed to get around to writing another blog post. I wanted to thank you all for everything you've done in supporting me through the last  year. It's been an incredible. Thank you so much for your donations, and making every … Continue reading Thank You for 2013/2014

I Will Never Forget

Today, as we all know, is thanksgiving. It's the end of my 2013 cycling season, and a day that means a little more to me this year than any year before. Between the generous donations that I have received, the help getting my new track bike, and so on and so life has been … Continue reading I Will Never Forget

It’s Almost Here: Los Angeles Grand Prix

The world of cycling returns to the Velo Sports Center for three days this November.  Be there for this three day international cycling event featuring some of the world's greatest cycylists. Countries Competing USA Mexico Canada France Trinidad and Tobago Chile South Africa Suriname Venezuela Slovakia Columbia Race Schedule Friday, November 22 Session 1: 11AM … Continue reading It’s Almost Here: Los Angeles Grand Prix


Jeff Pyatt Christophe Le Lan Sky Christopherson Erika Fulk James Ernster Robert Walston Andrew Weathers Rick Crawford Amy Williams Jon Shapiro Marsha Bouchard Sheridian Bauman Tim Hall Laura Karl Felt Bicycles I have the most incredible people in my life. #neverforget

welcome back home

It’s been a week now since I moved away from Colorado Springs. In some ways it feels like only yesterday, and in others, it feels like I never left. Being back in California feels like home. This is where I made everything happen. This is where I came to chase my dream. This is where … Continue reading welcome back home

Head Held High

In the past year, I've dropped .5 seconds off my flying 200m, .9 seconds off my 500m, became a U.S. National Record Holder, U.S. National Champion in the 500m and the team sprint, and a 2x track record holder. I competed for the first time internationally at the Pan American Championships in Mexico City, and … Continue reading Head Held High

Cottbus Nachte / Dudenhofen GP

In June, I set off on an adventure with the support of my hometown, created a fundraiser to chase UCI points, and succeeded. With the support of everyone I made it to Europe, and now I've made it back to North America. An experience I will never forget. One I don't regret. And one that … Continue reading Cottbus Nachte / Dudenhofen GP

Mr. and Mrs. Burnett

It’s amazing to look back on my years at Fort Lewis, and try to imagine them without you two. The tall thin handsome track pursuiter from Durango, and the blonde blue-eyed outgoing beautiful babe from Connecticut. You two helped and watched me  grow up. As a person, as an athlete. You encouraged me, and in … Continue reading Mr. and Mrs. Burnett

Beef, Broccoli, and Brownies: US Elite Timed National Championships

The best part about staying in a host house is having the ability to cook. Completely controlling what you are eating, and not having to worry about a thing. I was lucky enough to find a host house where we ended up house sitting a cat, (which is one of the easiest things I have … Continue reading Beef, Broccoli, and Brownies: US Elite Timed National Championships