46,707 Miles of 2014

Twenty-fourteen. Tomorrow it’s in the past, and a new year is before us. I’ll continue writing “2014” on all my rent checks, probably until about May, once again. And damn, the Rio Games are just over a year away…EEEKKK. When I look back at what I’ve done this year, man…it’s been pretty unbelievable. Take this list for example:

46,707 airline miles flown.
5 countries, 6 US states.
2 US National Team trips.
2 Elite National Championships Titles.
9 Gold Medals.
5 Silver Medals.
2 Bronze Medals.
Unofficial fastest US woman second lap in team sprint.
2nd fastest US woman ever in flying 200m.
2nd US woman ever under 11 seconds in flying 200m.
Still hold US Women’s Team Sprint National Record.
Still hold Women’s Team Sprint Track Record at Marymoor.

Went Skydiving.
Watched my brother graduate from the US Marine Corp boot camp.
Traveled to New York City for the first time.
Saw the Statue of Liberty.
Caught my first salt water fish in the ocean at night.
Flew my first solo international trip.
Ate fish eyeballs.
Ate real Japanese sushi at the real Japanese Fish Market in Tokyo.
Stood on the ground of the London 2012 Olympic village and stadium.
Touched Sir Chris Hoy, had a conversation, and got a photo.
Saw real double-decker busses.
Adopted a stray dog, a 9.5 year old, epileptic husky.
Lived in California for an entire 365+ days.
Started a junior women’s mentorship program.
Started the Lemonade Exchange.
Held a Junior Women’s Track Camp Day.

This is a very good description of how 2014 went…


…but that’s all part of life. I am no stranger to dark times, depression, or hopeless feelings, but I’m also no stranger to the sunshine it brings, and the strength I rise out of it with. For 365 days in the year 2014, I’ve had a back injury that won’t leave me alone. It took 11/12 months this year for the fracture to heal, but despite that, just look at that list above….how incredible?!! Each up and down, twist and turn…it’s brought me where I am today. There’s always a way to fix things, and there’s always a new door that opens up.

I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunities I have had, and do have. I have memories that will stay with me forever, and made friends I’ll have for a lifetime. I’ve pushed myself harder, beat a lot of odds, and I’m still standing here today. 🙂 I want to thank my family, my friends, my incredibly supportive other half, my three amazing dogs, my sponsors (Atomic High Performance, Vie13 Kustom Apparel, Coastherapy, RecoveryPump, Spidertech, Oakley, Osmo Nutrition, Pyatt/Broadmark, Momentum Coaching Group, and GoPro), my coaches, and my support team in LA/PA/USA. Thanks to the USOC and USAC for the funding support I have received, and the opportunities they have provided. Thanks to the people who follow me on a daily basis and offer their words of support, especially those who have the patience and understanding regarding the injury I have. Thanks to those who appreciate honestly, especially when that’s what I aim to write. I always try to give an athletes point of view, my personal experiences, and the emotions associated. I’m often told my history deserves to be documented in a book, and maybe someday it will, but for now, I like to believe it is nowhere near completed.

I have no doubts 2015 will present it’s challenges and it’s triumphs. Such is life, right? Each day we learn more and more to roll with the punches, and celebrate the small successes. We never know what the future may hold, but we always have a choice in the decisions that we make because of it.

I’m embracing the start of a new year, and I’m welcoming the greatness it has in store for me. Each day is a learning opportunity, and a test of character, beliefs and values. No matter which direction my life goes in, I’m confident in my strength to stand true to what I believe in, and I’m confident in my commitment and work ethic to get me wherever I choose to go. Whether my life chooses to continue down a path in cycling, or school, or a career…these are my resolutions..

…to not be of talk, but of action. In my mentorship program, in the lemonade exchange, and in life.
…to report abuse when I see it. To stop it before it begins, and to be an advocate for programs like SafeSport.
…to lead by example. “Worry not that your child listens to you; worry most that they watch you.
…to put my health first.
…to worry about my future, not the future immediately in front of me.
…to not be fearful of what might come. But be accepting of what I can control.
…to stay true to myself and what I believe.
…to do what I love, and leave the rest behind.
…to be the best version of “Missy” I can be.

Thank you for reading, as always. And Happy New Year to each and everyone of you 🙂

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