Thank You for 2013/2014

I posted this on my Facebook athlete page ( a while ago, but I never managed to get around to writing another blog post. I wanted to thank you all for everything you’ve done in supporting me through the last  year.

It’s been an incredible. Thank you so much for your donations, and making every trip, win, and PR possible. With your donations, I went all over the world…Russia, Japan, Mexico, and throughout the United States. I won two national titles in the two events I was focusing on this year, I rode some of the fastest times in US history, and I met the time standards necessary for further movement in qualifying for the Olympics.

This year has been a struggle for me. I’ve been dealing with an injury for a year now, and finally getting the time to recover and start rehab. With a fracture in my L5 Pars, it’s limited a lot of what I’ve been able to do this past year, including no weight room for a great majority of it. I feel incredibly accomplished knowing that I’ve accomplished as much as I have, despite being limited all year. But now it’s time to manage this injury, and figure out how we are going to move on from it. 

I made this video as a bit of a timeline, of what I’ve done in the past year, to help the US earn the maximum of two female sprint spots in the world cups this year. I will be continuing to update throughout this page, as funds are still going to be needed to pay for all sorts of things throughout the next year. Thank you to all those who have donated and supported. I couldn’t have made this possible without all of you.


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