UCI Festival of Speed

I’ve been home for a week now, settling back into life, enjoying the 4th of July, and I was even able to pick up my brother from the 29 Palms Marine Base here in California, and give him a much better weekend than he would have there. We toured the USS Iowa battleship in the La Waterfront Harbor, right here in San Pedro, visited the Cabrillo Beach Aquarium, made a swimming pool in the back of “Roberto”, and became dog whisperers when the fireworks started exploding. It’s been action packed, and it feels like I just got back.


The UCI Festival of Speed was my final weekend in Ttown. With the opportunity for a class 1 sprint and keirin tournament, it was a great last chance to get some valuable UCI points towards world cup qualifying, and finish out my 7 weeks of racing and traveling on the road. After 4 skinsuit changes, including 2 broken and 1 crashed, annoying Andy with all my number changes, being a human pillow in the women’s keirin semi-final, and finishing 4th in the keirin and 6th in the sprints…that was it. A long two days full of racing, not my best results, but still enough to get great quality UCI points, in an international field.

Throughout the past 7 weeks, I traveled 20,000 miles, earned a total of 366 UCI points for sprint and keirin combined, went internationally to Moscow Russia, Frisco Texas, and Trexlertown PA, and competed in 11 days of racing. It was tiring, and fun. I found out what is wrong with my back, and am now going down the road to recovery. I’ve put myself in the best possible position to be selected on a long team to represent our country, with only our elite national championships left.

With five weeks until that event, I just added up the total of Entry Fee ($271.55), Flight ($705.00), and housing ($666)…for a total of $1,642.55 for Elite Track National Championships. This doesn’t include food, gas/transportation while at the event, or other related expenses. Unfortunately, there is no prize money or incentives other than winning a jersey and national title, but this event is a possible necessity for world cup selection, although the World Cup Selection document has not been published by USA Cycling.

Thank you for your support throughout this past year! Nationals will be my final domestic event of the season, before hopefully competing internationally and representing our country at the Pan Am Championships and World Cups!


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