Challenge Bromont

It’s been a while since I came back into the US. I guess a week. Traveling for 5 weeks in 5 different countries is enough for everyone to take a short break. I chose to go back to my old college town for a day, and now I’m back, ready to start something new.

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The International Challenge Bromont was my first time in Canada. We raced on the track which was built for the Atlanta 1996 Olympic games, and later moved into Bromont. It was hilly, green, cold, and rainy. But it was absolutely beautiful, the track was clean and bright, and as a class 2 UCI event, we earned valuable points towards our world cup ranking.

The first day started with our team sprint. The US team was the only female team entered, so we raced without a worry of a victory. It was cold, the gate was wobbly, but you go with what you have. I was thankful for only one ride, since I was still feeling sick, leaving the minimum amount of stress on my body.

Next up? Match Sprints. I qualified 2nd in the flying 200 in the morning, placing me well in the sprint tournament. There weren’t many women there, so we finished the racing that evening. In the semi-final, for the first time ever (one of the countless “firsts” on this trip), I slide straight off the track as my rear wheel blew out. It was the third tire I went through on this track, and this time, it was during a race. Thankfully, I wasn’t going fast, and it was pretty quickly over and done. Our awesome mechanic and Zak got me set up on a new wheel, and I made it in two rides to the gold final rounds. This time, both my competitor and I ended up falling off the track. In the first ride, Maddie fell off the track right in corner one. In the second ride, I fell off in corner three. It started to seem like the US team was becoming cursed in Bromont. Unfortunately, I lost the final rides and ended up taking 2nd overall.

On Saturday, we had the final event, the keirin. I was tired and sore and was looking forward to the end of the day, but I knew I had business to take care of first. With a raging headache, I lined up, rode to the best of my ability, and took 2nd again.

After getting back in the US, I was very thrilled to look at the UCI website and see that I finished out this year ranked 12th in the keirin and 17th in the match sprint. A lot of hard work went into getting this, and I’m very proud of everything I have accomplished this year. Everything I have learned and all the time spent in getting faster has paid off.

Eva and I are back from our trip to Durango. It’s time to catch up on life, take care of responsibilities, and get back at, whatever it is I get back at doing. The California sunshine is calling, but that’ll have to wait for a little bit. I want to thank everyone who has made this season possible. I can’t believe I spent 5 weeks on the road, leaving my beautiful pup in the hands of an amazing dog sitter, and was able to have the support behind me to make it through. To all my sponsors, thank you for giving me the best to help me achieve my best, and to my friends and family, thank you for encouraging me, supporting me, and donating towards chasing my dream.

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