Road Trip 3.1 : Elite Timed Nationals

Last year, the national championships were the pinnacle of my season. It was proposed to  be my last race of the year, before the next summer, and it was my one last shot to give it everything I had. And for that matter, I did. This year, we’re on a whole new playing field, and nationals seems like a small stepping stone to a month-long racing extravaganza through the US, Europe, and Canada. We leave on Monday. Hanging out, visiting sponsors, seeing old friends…that’s what’s on tap for the first few days while we are in SoCal. I can’t wait to be back in the area, back on that track, and back at sea level.

After breaking the 500m record at Marymoor a week or two ago, I’m really excited to see what I can do at nationals. That 500 came as a complete surprise, breaking my previous ride there by over 2 seconds. The possibilities are endless! In the team sprint, I’m going to be paired up with Maddie Godby, going for world cup time standards, and to smash any expectation we have set for ourselves. Training with her this summer has been a treat, and I think we’re both going to come away pleased with our performances.

This past week has been a very early Christmas for me. Packages from CNP Performance Sports Nutrition, Atomic High Performance, and Dznuts have given my bike a complete new look, and got me ready with enough nutrition to send me to Europe and back. I’m so thankful for all their support, and can’t wait to ride my new equipment at nationals.

2013-08-02 18.47.38

This might be a small step, but it means the world to me. How much have I improved? Has altitude helped or hurt? Will I hit my time standard? Will we make it for a team sprint? There are so many questions and so many things out of my control. Taking a page from the sports psych…let it go, it is out of my control. I’ve done the work. I’m ready. Whatever happens, happens. All I can do now is pack the car tomorrow, wake up Monday morning, and drive myself back to paradise. And hopefully bring back my first elite track national jersey.


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