A Day of Rest

I was woken by the usual sneezing and grunting from Ryu, at 5:15 am, telling me, “MOM, I WANNA GO OUTSIDE!”, “MOM, I REALLY NEED TO GO!” , “MOM THE SUN IS COMING UP!”, while Eva climbs into the bed and rolls over her eyes, quieting telling him to shut the f*** up.

After rolling over multiple times, hoping he’ll just go away, I sit up to see his little Jindo smile, as he knows I’m actually going to get up. The grunting only gets louder as I stumble around trying to find pants and a sweatshirt. I know the weather is getting warmer in the mornings, so bundling up isn’t necessary anymore, but it’s the closest thing I can find.

I blindly lead him outside, just following where he’s pulling me, as my eyes struggle to stay open. I’d like to think he wouldn’t lead me over a cliff, but actually, he probably would. For some reason, I still stumble on knowing that is a possibility. All the while I’m leading him around, I can hear the faint whining coming from the open window where Eva is doing her usual husky warm up laps throughout the small one bedroom apartment we have. She knows she’ll get her turn, but she also knows Ryu is quite particular about where his bathrooms are placed. It could be 5 minutes, or it could be an hour. We just never know.

Grasshoppers jump around, birds are pacing the ground looking for early morning bugs, and ants are starting their day’s work, even before the sun has risen. All these distractions lead to possible shoulder dislocations, and a very curious Jindo pup leaping into the air. Finally, 25 minutes later, I literally have to pick him up and bring him back into the house, only to start the adventure all over again with a now wide awake and wound up year old husky pup.

She isn’t as particular. She does what I call an “insta-squat”. Same spot, every day, each time. It’s a relief after getting my morning’s worth of exercise with the other one. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to go inside. No. Those same grasshoppers, bugs, spiders, and blowing trash bags are all toys and prey. MUST SMELL EVERYTHING.

And now it’s time to say, “EVA! Let’s go home, come on!” And then start jogging. YES. I just started jogging now. She comes right along, and she knows where we are going, but she’s so excited at my sudden burst of energy that she runs right to the gate and straight through the narrow hallway to the stairs, where she runs a very small circle, making it look like she’s chasing her tail, and then straight up the stairs she goes. She already knows how to push down the handle and get inside. She barrels inside, pushes Ryu out of the way, and sits next to her food bowl.

Now it’s feeding time. It’s 6 am now. The sun has come up, and they want breakfast. Ryu waits patiently as I try to get  the harness off Eva. She’s way too excited and doesn’t understand the concept of pulling it over her head, whereas Ryu could probably do the whole act alone. The food is now in the bowls, oh wait, Eva’s is already gone. Ryu eats one piece at a time, slowly chewing and checking his surroundings while he enjoys his breakfast. Eva looks up in hopes I will think maybe I forgot to fill hers, and give her more. Good thing I’m not a completely stupid track sprinter. She’s my “little fatty”.

As I pull my sweatshirt back off and prepare to relax in bed, by the time I get there, both pups are spread out making the space their own. My hopes to fall back asleep are gone. I pull the shades up and let the sun come in, and the looks I get from them would make you think I was the one who woke them up at 5:15 am.

My apologies.

2013-05-26 07.39.17


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