I Finally Got My Winter

Winter in California mostly consists of clouds, some rain, and 50 degree weather. While people are walking around in their shorts and ugg boots, I found myself loosing my Minnesota skin and bundling up like it was -30, when realistically, in Minnesota, I’d still be running in a tank and shorts. It didn’t feel like Winter, Christmas didn’t have the same meaning, and time seemed to stand still. I need my seasons, I need change, and I need that white fluff that falls from the sky and makes the world seem clean and peaceful.

558969_4783500666691_434098892_nSnow calms me. It grounds me. It reminds me of a time in my life when skiing and getting out in it was what saved me. I love the way it dusts over everything, leaves frost on my windows, and leaves a chill in the air that cuts your breath short and leaves your lungs cold. It reminds me that I’m getting closer to home, I feel somewhat connected to my family, and gives me a reason to dig out the old ski pants and stocking caps. Sure, its leaving me stuck training on rollers in the warmest part of the velodrome: the women’s locker room. But at the same time, a little roller training never hurt anyone. I’ll take seeing flakes fall from the sky and collect on the ground over an ocean I never swim in, and living in a smog bubble, if it means I’ll be training indoors for a month.

To say it kindly, my weight coach has been kicking my ass. She’s convinced I’m autistic, but only the cool kids are. I’ve only fallen off the rollers twice during efforts. Only tipped over once doing track stands (which I’ve also managed to hold for over 30 seconds, round of applause for me). And even then, haven’t hurt myself too badly.

And now, a little plug for my online fundraiser….here’s the deal…racing begins in 7 weeks. And it’s none-stop after that. My race schedule? Here’s what I’m looking at:

May 31st ->Driving Home to Alexandria for one week with my family (probably the only trip home I’ll get all year)
June 6-8th -> Fixed Gear Classic – Blaine, MN
June 13th -> Northbrook Keirin – Northbrook, IL
June 14-15th -> Midwest Challenge – Indianapolis, IN
June 16-17th -> Sprint Clinic – Chicago Velo Campus – Chicago, IL
June 21st -> T-town Sprint races – Trexlertown, PA
June 28-29th -> Hellyer Velodrome Challenge – San Jose, CA
July 6-11th -> USA Cycling National Team Sprint Camp – Colorado Springs, CO
July 12-14th -> US Grand Prix of Sprinting – Colorado Springs, CO
July 19-20th -> Marymoor Grand Prix – Seattle, WA
August 6-8 -> Women’s Team Sprint National Camp – Carson, CA
August 9-11th -> US Timed Elite National Championships – Carson, CA
August 16th -> Trexlertown Sprint Races – Trexlertown, PA
August 22-24 -> Elite Track Mass Start National Championships – Carson, CA
August 30 -> T Town Sprint Races – Trexlertown, PA
September 5-8th -> Bromont Races – Bromont, Canada

If you haven’t seen the picture already, this is what I’m looking at:
Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 9.39.50 AM

Pretty, isn’t it?!

With all this said, it’s time to rally. We’ve raised just under $1000 so far, but it’s going to take more than $7500 to make this summer and world cup qualification happen. I’ve taken my own responsibility and made a choice to earn part of the funding myself, but I need help with the rest of it. The goal is to raise at least $6000. This helps cover gas, airfare, housing, and entry fees. Equipment, food, etc,…that’s all on me. So far, we’ve done an amazing job….. $950 in one month! If you have the ability to help towards my endeavor,.. please visit this site : http://www.gofundme.com/2bbqic . Nothing happens without everyone’s support. I thank you in advance for helping me on the road to Rio 2016!

With that, I head out into the cold air, breath deep, and enjoy to clean mountain air of Colorado Springs. Back to the daily grind.


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