I moved again. Whoops.

2008 Talent I.D. Camp

It has happened. I’m back living in the lovely state of Colorado. First time I ever set foot in COS was for a USA Cycling women’s national road talent I.D. camp in 2008…my second summer riding. It was at this camp, that we were supposed to have some track time, but unfortunately it never happened. Instead, I found myself dying as I followed skinny roadie girls up climbs longer than all the hills in Alexandria put together.

To be here today, as an off-campus resident, is…amazing. When I was 18, I looked at the people who lived there, and prayed I would someday be as great as them. I looked up to their ability, and I envied it. Had I known that in 4.5 years I would finally find my place in the track sprint world and be one of those people, I wouldn’t have spent the past 4 years on road, cx, and mountain bikes.

With a total of 20 hours of travel, we finally made it to Colorado Springs. The puppies were not stoked on the long travel day. We left at 4am, traveled well over 1,000 miles, and ended up in COS at 1:00 AM local mountain time.

I moved to L.A. last May, accomplished more in the last 10 months than I ever thought I could. And just like that, I’m back. Time to put my head down and give it everything I have. Team M&M is go.


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