Moving, A Race I Did, Eva, and a Photo Shoot.

Part 1: Moving

Why are you moving? The question that continues to come and come without a sign of stopping. So, without further ado, let’s look at the reasons…

#1: Finances – Yes, I have a super fun, nice full/part-time position at a bike shop, I have a place to live, I have some support for USAC for training/gym time….but, I don’t have money to cover the 120 miles I have to drive on a daily basis to and from the track/work, on top of the oil changes and other normal car maintenance. I’ve put more miles on my car in the past 10 months than I have in all the 4 years I lived in Durango. Included in this pile is rent, utilities, other living expenses…. Rent in COS is going to be much cheaper compared to this place, by like 70%. Meaning more money for gas, which I’m going to be driving way less as well, meaning more money for supplements, recovery, training, traveling, racing, and to pay bills….maybe go to the doctor for once when I’m feeling like complete crap…

#2: Training – My coach lives there. My team sprint partner lives there. The OTC is there. I get to be an off-campus resident of the OTC with full access to food, recovery, and anything else I can come up with. I get to train alongside the fastest female track sprinter the US has ever seen, and my coach will be there to single-handedly design my training by the minute. He can watch me, and pay attention to me. In LA, we don’t have any of that. There’s no coach, no training times, no access to anything… The moral is down, its negative, it’s not fun, it’s not motivating. I need something positive in my life, like a fast girl who’s chasing the same dream I am.

Well, I guess those are really only the two biggest reasons we are moving. Money, and training. This is why I fundraise..for training, to chase my dream. And moving is going to help me get this dream. At least until there is a program again in LA that can help me improve. USAC has stepped up and is helping its national team members an incredible amount, and I could not feel more blessed that i have a chance to take part in this. I’m poor, I can’t afford to stay here, even with my job, even with the fundraising, even with the small amount of support we get…

Part 2: A Race I Did

Last night I drove up to the Encino Velodrome to race the Boneshaker. It was a three race omnium that consisted of a Encino style flying 200, 4k scratch, and a 12 lap snowball. I love racing at this track. Everyone is so supportive, and just wants to have fun! I knew I was going to hurt after this. We had a nice women’s field and we had each other work for those races. My legs haven’t hurt that bad in a long while. When I finished the last race, rolling around the warm up circle, I thought they were going to fall off. An incredible pain it was!

My Encino style flying 200 reminded me a lot of what I did at Pan Ams. Not being psychologically ready for that jump and dive into the track, and then when you’re on Encino, keeping your bike down with an IO and disc on…that’s an experience. Not to mention the wind…


I managed to come away with three out of three wins, to seal the omnium win for the night. I thought I was brining home $100 in cash, as the race flyer stated, but instead have a set of Tifosi sunglasses for sale if anyone wants them. (You should definitely buy them so I can fund my move to CO).

Part 3 : Eva 

Not only has she chewed on my Specialized S-works road shoes, but also my Lululemon clothes. Our little rescued husky pup is just shy of 8 months old, and the poor thing gets so bored. When we come home, she knows what she’s done is wrong, but the little girl just can’t help it. Ryu and her play so well. They can’t be separated. She sleeps on her back, snores a little bit, thinks she owns everything, and gets way too excited about any situation.


Part 4 : Photoshoot

I had the awesome opportunity to be offered a photo shoot by Jim Maher, who lives here in SoCal. I met him at his house, set up a little session in his garage, and started shooting. It’s my first “cycling” photo shoot, and first “professional” style shoot since, well, my senior photos in high school, but those were directed by my mother and the photographer, so this was a little different. They weren’t anything too special. It took me a little while to relax and kinda just get into the element. But it was fun, and I’m so thankful to Jim for taking his time to offer me such a great opportunity. Here’s a little sampling of what we did:

Well, I think that is all for now. Still training, still taking care of my little dogs. Still adjusting to owning a husky, still trying to fit the dogs in our bed with us. Still fighting LA traffic, which I’ll get into on a whole other day. I can’t wait to move, get settled in my new life, and chase down some UCI points this summer.

My new fundraising page is back on GoFundMe. If you would like to donate, please visit the page, and if now isn’t the right time, please share it amongst your friends, family, or anyone you think would be interested. It’s necessary to help me get where I need to go. I appreciate the smallest of donations…

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, bearing with my long post, ramblings, and complete non-sense.


3 thoughts on “Moving, A Race I Did, Eva, and a Photo Shoot.

  1. hi, are the sunglasses for women only or could i buy them?

    let me know and congrats on the move, it makes perfect sense

    1. They are for both men and women! The ones I have are matte black frames. I’ll try to find a link and send you a photo of them.

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