Ryu, the Jindo Pup

He loves tuna.

He jumps up, hoping to catch the fireworks as they explode.

He chases his ball like a cat.

He plays with his food before he eats it,

and then he buries the leftovers when he’s done, saving them for later.

He watches airplanes as they float across the sky.

He puts his face in the Christmas tree branches, and sniffs loudly.

He eats the popcorn off the string on the Christmas tree.

He is amazed by every new food item he is introduced too,

including grapes, cherries, ice cubes, broccoli, or steak bones.

He licks the Hot Spot foam off his body, making it completely useless.

He HATES water.

He avoids walking on wet grass, and opts for the side-walk instead.

He wants to be a bird really bad.

He runs, oh my, does he run.

He’s quite picky about the location he goes to the bathroom.

He likes wearing his sweater.

He really misses his toy goose, which he destroyed, I sewed back up, and he destroyed again.

He’s selective with giving kisses.

And really doesn’t like some people.

He’s the best judge of character I’ve come across.

But watching him shake never ceases to make me laugh.

He’s named after a Korean ninja,

yet he gets spooked by the leaves rustling as we walk past.

He knows exactly what annoys me enough to get me out of bed.

He sits backwards when he rides in my car.

He makes me feel safe in the dark.

And brings more joy to my life than I imagined.

He’s a huge pain in the ass, sometimes.

But….how can you not love this?



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