to: my flc girls

I wrote this for Sarah Sturm, in 2010, before her first collegiate mountain bike national championships with FLC. And now, I’m writing it for all you FLC girls, who are competing in whatever national championship, conference race, “fun” race, training ride…I’m saying it to Allie, and Meghan, and Ivie, and Laur Cat, and Nathalie, and Giggle Box, and yes, even you Sturmy. And all the other new freshman whom I will probably never meet. YOLO ladies. Make me proud.

October, 14, 2010

I’m not very good at motivational speeches,
or telling people what they can and can’t do.
And that’s because I don’t know what you can do.
Only you know what you can do.
And you can push yourself to such an extreme limit,
that you do something you never thought you could.

You can either sit on the starting line
wait for the gun to go,
and take off,
in the back.

Don’t do that.
Please, don’t do that.

Go, give it everything you have,
take the whole shot.
Get in the top 10 and stay there.
Follow wheels.
Let your bike go.

The bike is going to go where it can.
It’s going to go where its going to stay upright.
The bike doesn’t want to crash anymore than you do.

Ride it like you stole it.
Kick the s*** out of Marian, LMC, CU.

You earned that spot on the team.
And you need to prove it.
I’m serious.
Kick the s*** out of them.

Be competitive,
but, don’t be too competitive.
Sit and visualize.
Visualize coming across the line,
sprinting against our biggest rival,
and beating them.
Visualize the hardest part of the course,
something you are worried about.
Visualize you rolling over it with ease.
Visualize how Sage would ride.
Visualize you riding how Sage would ride.

And breathe, through everything, breathe.
Every person you pass, every place you take,
is another point for Fort Lewis.

And come home with a national championship jersey.
You worked too hard to come home without one.

Have fun, and remember I love you
And Sturmy,


Don’t forget to sit back and breathe.

Never hesitate,
and let the bike go.
Ride, smooth, fast, light on your pedals,
and beat the s*** out of those b****s.

Good Luck ladies. Carry it.

2008:2nd Team Pursuit:Collegiate Track Nationals


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