Predator Cycling Keirin Classic

Driving through rush hour traffic, heading towards the track was depressing. With the smog bubble growing before my very eyes, and concrete appearing in every direction, I trudged onward. Cursing as the traffic got heavier, I crawled in the back and got out my strawberries, which I’ve been consuming in 5 lb quantities almost daily. But eventually, we arrived, to the almost 250m concrete velodrome, known as Encino.

I threw the 92 inch gear on my bike and prepared to line up in the Men’s A Category Keirin. Racing with the big guys. After listening to the men complain over and over again regarding the gear restriction, I took no pity on their “much more powerful legs” and how they were “being punished for being stronger”, and used my wit and brains to outsmart them. It wasn’t long before I found myself in the final. With my blue #4 cap on my head, I did my best with the legs I had left, and spun around the track with some pretty fast dudes.

The crowd was electric, and of course, the announcers were great. I want to give a huge thank you to Aram and all the guys at Predator Cycles who put the event on. Hands down the coolest crowd I have raced in front of, EVER. I love keirin races, and I can’t wait for the next event.

Now, as I lay at home, in bed, recovering, I look at the spiky, sticky, plant life and grass that has invaded my track sack, and the sweet Predator backpack and t-shirts I’ve collected, and call my “rest day” a success. The experience, atmosphere, and people I met made this event what it was, even if the men couldn’t display their “strength”…. All I have to say is…

Sorry boys, but you got “chick-ed”.

(Thanks to Pat Benson and Warren Kommers for the photos)


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