Summer Camp Part Three: Marymoor Grand Prix

Patience. It’s that thing I’m experiencing as I put one quarter in at a time through the laundry machine slot,  awaiting the spew of water that will eventually fill and wash my clothing. Or, as I wait for the water to boil so I can have my morning cup of coffee. Or, as I ride around a 400m track, seeing others accelerate around me, but knowing I must wait, and wait, and wait, until that single moment, when I can go. Patience, is what the Marymoor Grand Prix was about.


I rode it with patience, and for the first time, confidence. I might be new to this, and I might not be the strongest, but I can use what I have, and be the best, regardless. And this time, I was. I rode a PR in the flying 200. A PR by .6 seconds…to a 12.2. I got 3rd in the sprints, 3rd in the team sprint, 3rd in the match sprint, and qualified 3rd in the 200. (Not to mention 1st in the keirin).

This game of patience will continue. But now that summer camp is over, it’s a game of patience until I get to try it out more. Back in the smog bubble, and concrete jungle (a.k.a. Back in LA).


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