The Final Goodbye

You never forget your first bike. That first one you called “mine”. That first one you could do anything you wanted too, and take home to sleep next to at night. I named her Eleanor. “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face…we much do that which we think we cannot” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

I got my first elite track nationals podium on this bike. With a pieced together crank, duct taped shoes, and very little experience. I got multiple podiums at collegiate track nationals, and I found my first love of the velodrome. I spent my first summer on the COS velodrome with her. And traveled to MN, PA, IN, CO, and CA to race with her. She got me where I am today. And this is why I’m sad to see her go.

To its new owner: Love her. Take care of her. Clean her. Give back to her, what she gives to you. Have fun with her. Never forget why you are doing what you are doing: For the love of it. Stay clean, be smart, and ride safe. Win big, and race hard.

Long live the little Fuji.

And here’s to a final goodbye.


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