And here we are, with 12, now 11 days left of class, and my senior seminar poster presentation has been completed, and I’ve finished my paper, and ready to turn it in. Graduation is literally, right around the corner, with 3 days of class to go, and 3 finals to take. This year has gone by fast. Not so fast in the beginning, but now, it’s going by really fast. As stressful and time-consuming this project was, the end result was way worth it, and it’s made me feel quite intelligent in the compression garment field.

This whole adventure wouldn’t have happened without the volunteers for my study, my senior sem professor, and all the other students in my 495 and 496 classes.

I would think I could breathe now for a few moments, and I am. Currently, sitting in bed watching Hulu…show after show. Taking it easy. Breathing, staying away from the sickness that is infesting the campus. Or at least trying too.

On top of this such greatly important news, I also went racing this weekend at the Air Force Academy RMCCC races. Unfortunately, the road race was canceled on sunday, which just meant that we could leave at 9am and get back to durango at 3pm, so i could actually get something done for once. The TTT, well I still don’t know how that went, but, we had a sick girl on our team, who now has been diagnosed with pneumonia, so, with that going for us, we did what we could. I’m sure it was still well. The crit was alright. I don’t suggest eating a whole chipotle burrito within one hour of race time. I learned the hard way, but I still got to involve myself in a field sprint for 3rd. So, I’m stoked about that.

Other news, KEVIN MANSKER is here. Finally. He’s not floating about the world on magical planes for a while. So he gets to see what college life is like.

Our home race is this weekend. We’ve got a TTT, Crit, and RR. TTT and Crit are on saturday, and RR is on sunday. It’s our conference championship, so we’ll be fighting for start spots for collegiate nationals, which are in Ogden Utah the first weekend of May.

Alright, that’s all. I’m excited, as I should be. This project was a whole 8 months long, and it came down to a 54×36 poster and a 46 page paper. My future is in the hands of the FLC Exercise Science Department.



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