Wyoming/Colorado College Collegiate Weekend

Hokay. So I’ve been waiting for some pictures to surface from this weekends racing, but I can’t find any photos from the women’s A race anywhere. So, I’ll write this anyways.

Saturday we had the Wyoming TT. An individual TT. By now, I hope we all know how much I lOVE ITTs…not. But, I went in with the view that it was a good opener and training for the next days crit. It is true, I missed a turn. True missy style. The TT was a little different than I thought I would be, course wise. Probably should have pre-rode the course, but, didn’t think about that until afterward.

Here’s the thing, you put me in a TTT or a TP, and I love it. I’ll smash myself beyond belief, but you put me in an ITT or a pursuit? No. Just can’t get my head wrapped around it. I haven’t really been trained in it…actually, I haven’t been trained in it at all, but the team aspect does something for me. Too bad it wasn’t either of those two…

But, I got 3rd…out of …. 5. Quality. But hey, you do what you can, with what you got, where you are, right?

Sunday was the crit. It had a sweet 180, which i totally blew about 80% of the time, and a sweet hill, which I powered up. Needless to say, I went into the race and knew I was going to win it. Just mentally, when I was riding, I felt good, the hill felt good, and I was recovering good. I covered each attack the CU girls broke off, and my legs were killing it, every time up the hill. Loved it. I took the win. And I feel really good about it.

So, we drove back to Durango…another 6 hour drive…and back here I am. Sitting on the couch, drinking grape juice, watching TV, and creating my senior seminar poster. It’s raining/wishing it was raining…good week for a rest week. Things fall together better than you ever imagine them too.

The other thing I need to add is my sadness due to the fact that I did not go to BMX nationals, as planned. Still got my beautiful bike, and I’m definitely still going to keep learning how to ride. Congrats to all my favorite LW girls who kicked butt out there. I wish FLC could have gone. Oh well. Watch out Durango, I’ll be all over that track when it dries out.

4/5/12: I found some pictures!


2 thoughts on “Wyoming/Colorado College Collegiate Weekend

  1. I love that you KNEW you would win the crit! You certainly have the mental part of the game down pat.
    I’ll be watching for you on the BMX track. Lassen is racing this summer and we’ll be there just about everyday.

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