CMU Collegiate Weekend

This past weekend was the CMU (Colorado Mesa University) RMCCC weekend in Grand Junction. It is true, I have stated that I am not racing road, and I wasn’t, until I was given the call that I needed too. So, now I am. The TTT and Crit that is. I did attempt the road race this weekend. Needless to say, sprint training, heavy lifting, and the occasional climb to my house does not bode well for 60 mile rides (to which I only did about 15). But, the crit went much better than I anticipated. The TTT, well, I’ll get there.

The crit was fast. Faster than most collegiate women’s races I have done in the past, and it was incredibly fun. I have nothing but good things to say about the venue, the crowd, and the race.

The FLC ladies all did a good job chasing down attacks that CU tried to send up the road, but they couldn’t quite get away from us. Our goal was the keep the race together, or get a good solid break that the girls felt comfortable with. We wanted to try a lead out  for me, to get practice for nationals, since FLC has never attempted to organize any such thing in the past. The race was at night, so with the sun going down and the lights shining on us, the clear lenses were in, and the atmosphere was at it’s best.

I have to say, having the boys from the team on the course cheering us on was incredible. Us ladies are so used to the guys just showing up for their race, doing it, and leaving, while we race with absolutely no one watching. I loved it. And I think all the other girls did too. We raced hard. Really hard. And the ladies did their best to get me in the front and get me the win.

My bike may or may not have decided to fall apart on me during the final sprint, and I may or may not have a good amount of bruises from slamming into the stem and steer tube, but I came away with a photo finish with another girl from UC Davis, to take 2nd, and first for the RMCCC, getting all the points for FLC as far as nationals qualification goes.

Coming back into the endurance world after not doing anything close to it for a while has been interesting. It’s not easy, but when people talk about racing into shape, that’s what I’m going to be doing. It was a good weekend with FLC, and we’re heading back up to the front range next weekend.

Oh, and the TTT, well, we “won”. The officials don’t know finish times, they don’t know for sure who won and who didn’t. but they said we did. So we are sticking with it. We had some problems, had a lot of problems, but we’ll work it out….

That’s all.

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