Discipline #5, with 15 Days to Master it.

The first time I was on a BMX bike was around the age of 13 or 14. We used them at the track on the weekends, after the races were over. We would ride in a pack, between all the race trailers, bouncing from camp to camp picking up and dropping off kids for bed-times based on their age, which ranged from 8 to 18. My bike was blue, a dark shade of blue, with a bright yellow front fork. I got it for my birthday, from Wal-Mart, and it was a Mongoose! I loved that thing. I don’t even know if we still have it. I know it came with pegs! Because I had people on the front and back, riding all over, down to the end of the drag strip, to the staging lines, to playing with the glue on the track. I guess we were track rats in a way, and a little bike gang, riding around while the parents drank away the days racing. Now, about 8 years later, I’m back on a BMX bike. This time it’s black, with some red, it does not have pegs, or a kick stand…it’s little, and it’s the coolest bike I’ve ridden in a long time.

USA Cycling has added BMX to the collegiate scene. Nationals are March 31st/April 1st. So far, I might be the only kid from FLC going, which is surprising, because it’s a great excuse to go to California. Obviously, I’m taking full advantage of it.

Today, I got on a track for the first time. Started at the top of the gate, dropped in, and almost killed myself, miraculously saved it, turned around, and laughed. No blood, no crashing, no broken bones. Just a completely new feeling. Much different from a mountain bike, or a cx bike, or a track bike, or a road bike. So. Much. Fun. Playing around on that track for a few hours with Jimmy Knight was probably the most educational thing I have experienced since…learning how to ride a track bike. And I’m in love with it.

I don’t know if it’s because putting on a full face helmet brings me back to my drag racing days, or how wearing pants, long sleeve, and pads makes me feel indestructible, but I want to go fast. REALLY fast. Have I yet? No. I’m still figuring out the basics, and learning, but I will, in two weeks. I don’t really have a choice, and I don’t want one. Mixing things up and keeping life interesting. I’m lucky to have such a knowledgable person in Durango who can teach me how to get fast quick. Our minds work on the same wavelength, and we constantly work on our soft skills. Makes for a good pair. Let the BMX life continue. Soon I’ll need to find my own gear.

There’s 43 days left until I graduate. 27 days until my poster presentation. 15 days until BMX Nationals. Do people peak for this?


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