Let’s Start Over.

Generally, the things I say, I do. One way or another, I find a way.  So here it goes, I’ve officially started riding my bike again. Cross nationals could have been better,  much better. So, the time off was much needed, BUT, it’s been over 21 days. So, I need to make this a habit again.

Since my senior seminar has been taking place in the student life center on campus, I’m around weights and exercise equipment for almost 7 hours a day. So, two days ago, I decided to start lifting again. All i did were some squats and some basic should exercises…and well, today, I don’t know if my quads could be more angry. If they could be, they might be chewing itself apart, wishing it wasn’t functioning. I rolled out of bed, (literally, I rolled), almost fell down the stairs, got stuck in kneeling positions all day, and now, after using my foam roller, fighting back the tears of pain screaming from them. Oh I love lifting. (Seriously).

I dug my track bike out of the garage. The mess of bikes we have made it a little towards the buried side. It wasn’t put together, still had the race gear from elite nationals on it, and it was missing a wheel. But I have given it a home. Smack dab in the middle of my room, next to Gus Gus and Dr. Dre’s tank, and conveniently in a location where watching movies while riding is an easy task. Or, maybe watching a playlist of youtube clips of keirins.

So, road? Nah. Mountain? Sold my bike yesterday. Cross? Only in a tutu, full face helmet, and clown shoes. Track? I’ve got 87 days until graduation, and it’s all green lights from here.

So, it’s time to give it a go. I’m back on board.


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