CX Nationals. Woot. Woot.

In approximately 1 hour  I will be on my way up to campus to depart for CX Nationals with the FLC cycling team. Collegiate cx nationals are now in january….in the middle of my christmas break….taking up a week of what used to be an amazing break from school. Not only is the weather in Madison looking like sunny skies with no snow/rain/anything exciting, but it’s about 40 or 50 degrees. LAME. I hope you can hear the excitement pouring through these words as I lay here in my bed, staring at some half packed bags with sub 1 hour to departure.

I just spent an entire week in the LA area, where I wore shorts, drove around with the windows open, and was entirely carefree. I watched people ride around on the track, longing to be part of it, but knowing I am 5 months from stepping foot on my track bike again, so if I would have ever stepped on that wood, I would soon be miserable after spending the next 4.5 months in Durango without a single soul with any slightest interest in a velodrome.

My bike might be dirty, chain a bit on the rusty side of life, and it may not function as it should, but that’s why I’m a “college kid”. This is my last collegiate CX nationals. Possibly last CX nationals ever. The goal: win a team overall national championship, get as muddy as possible, and smile for as many pictures as I possibly can. My teammates are what makes these trips worth it. Our staff is always incredible, and the memories are definitely worth every bit of me missing christmas break… kinda.

Our crew: Dave Hagen, Elke Brutsaert, Rotem Ishay, Ben Stalker, Dylan Stucki, Robbie Jones, Ryan Cleveland, Ryan Dorsey, Eric Emsky, Britany Clawson, Missy Erickson, Sarah Sturm, Lauren Catlin, Annie Cheeney, Kaila Hart, Courtney Ott, Tilly Field, Jon Bailey, Garrett Alexander, Grady James, and Chad Cheeney. We’re quite an army.

I’m excited to see the running polar bears, people riding bikes in bikinis, and the money handouts I so desperately need. CX nationals is definitely my favorite. It is back to hotel life for our team, and back to Madison for yet another collegiate national championship. In 2009 it was my first cx nationals, and the first time I took home a jersey. And I hope we can do it again.

For updates and such while we are at nationals, follow @FLCCycling on twitter, or look at


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