Trip Up Hog’s Back and Beyond

Here I am. Done with Thanksgiving Break, all stuffed full of turkey, green beans, and pumpkin pie, and back in school for the final two weeks. I played enough guitar hero for Chris Furer to feel in my wrists and shoulders, and I didn’t ride my bike as much as I should have, but that’s what breaks are for. Going into class today, it hit me. The realization that I have two weeks left of this semester, and not only do I have to complete many many many tasks prior to December 9th, but I’ll be driving home soon for Christmas break. I also realized I can sell my books back to the college and make some money, which is a blessing, seeing that my 23.5 hour drive home is neither cheap nor short. That money is going to be used for gas, music, and audiobooks. Probably some espresso shots and a thermos full of coffee as well.

I’m officially two presentations, two papers, three final chapters of senior sem, an IRB application, a music review, a website, and one final exam away from the end of the semester. That’s a lot in two weeks, but that’s why I’m a senior. I’m used to this by now.

I was able to escape the homework madness and run up Hog’s Back today. When I say run, the thought process was a little like this, “Oh, this part is flat, let’s jog.”…”Oh yeah, and now we are climbing, and it’s getting steep, time for a little break…” And that’s how it goes. The climb covers more than 700 ft of elevation is less than a mile. It’s quite steep at times, terrifying to say the least, but the view from the top is spectacular. Like nothing you have ever seen before.

And as usual, I managed to take a turn somewhere and ended up someplace I least expected too. It added about 1.5 miles onto my journey back to my car, but at the same time, I discovered a new set of trail that was absolutely breathtaking. It’s amazing what you can see when you walk through the wilderness versus driving/riding a bike.

And for those of you who are always wondering what you can do to your bicycle to make sure it doesn’t get stolen….the clever students at Fort Lewis College have that taken care of for you. A can of spray paint and a backyard will do. No need to protect your tires or chain or cassette. Just go for it. Bring obnoxious colors are recommended, such as….

And that’s all for now. More cyclocross racing this weekend. I think I’ll ride my bike tomorrow, just possibly. See how that works out for me. I hear it’s recommended for those attending a national championship. I wish all my friends at the Track World Cup in Columbia, good luck. Someday I hope to be there, but for now, I find links on the internet and stalk websites for updates.

Thanks for reading! Remember to check out Twin Six, Fort Lewis College Cycling, and all the other links on my page. And think so…please….


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