Cyclocross Round #3

I’ve got six weeks until cross nationals. It’s Thanksgiving Break. And it’s raining outside. I’ve still got time to train, to get ready for collegiate nationals. I’m indifferent about this season. But, the goal is to have fun and love what I’m doing. Enjoy the off-season, run some stairs and barriers, ride through the mud and rain, and endure the frigid cold weather.

The race this weekend was good. I didn’t crash, didn’t fall off my bike, didn’t break anything…. I guess I still have enough shifting problems to chat about, but that I’m used to. That comes with having hand me down bikes from college students, who either don’t have the money to take care of their bike, or they just don’t care.

If anything, it’s the endurance that I am lacking, but that’s because I’m a sprinter. Seriously. The first two laps are good, but I fade, quickly. And that, I expect. This year we only have one race a weekend, and I think that also is a reason why it’s taking me longer to “race into shape”. But then again, I have six weeks to see what happens.

Once again, our course was designed by Dave Hagen, the master mind behind Fort Lewis College Cycling. Regardless of how I am feeling, the courses are so much fun. You come through each lap and love what you’re doing. Our campus has a lot of elements that, all smashed into one, prepares our team for cross nationals, without a doubt. Our dudes and ladies are flying, killing it, and in six weeks, we hope to take that team title back.

All in all, good weekend of racing. Next weekend we don’t have a race, which makes for a good full week of time off. I have a few projects to catch up on this week for school before we head into the final two weeks. Then Christmas Break! I can’t wait to go home and see my family. I hear it’s already snowing and sticking in Minnesota, so going home is going to be a treat. I miss the cold, snow, and skiing.

(Can you get a better background than this?)


5 thoughts on “Cyclocross Round #3

  1. Cool post, good to see another college student blogging about cyclocross. Unfortunately my university does not offer a cycling team, so I am on my own for training and what not. Keep up the good posts!

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