Cyclocross: Round #2

So this past weekend we had a cross race. Warm up was great. I felt great. My bike was great (minus brakes malfunctioning and not shifting). The weather was great (rain, wind, it was epic). The course contained some dirt, concrete steps into a stadium, down a handicapped ramp, into some rocks, back to the dirt, onto the asphalt, into the grass, more rocks, and more rocks, and lots of sidewalk. That about sums it up. This race was part of the Four Corners cyclocross series again, the third race in the series.

Now, let’s depict how the  race went….

Step #1: Whistle blows, clip in, take off, third out of the first straight.

Step #2: Move up to second going into the narrow section.

Step #3: Attempt to un-clip before the staircase….FAIL

Not only did I not get out of my pedal, but when I finally did, I managed to strip my cleat bolt straight out of my shoe and my cleat went shooting through the air, leaving me with a shoe that resembled a blank canvas and an eggbeater I couldn’t make a connection too. So I kept going…

Step #4: Get back on the bike, ride back into the crowd, and see if anyone has a cleat/shoe I can use.

Step #5: EPIC FAIL.

Not only did I smack my leg up pretty good in the process of doing this, but I managed to lay myself out, coming out of a wet concrete section onto another wet grassy turn. And then, I just stopped. Not only have i replaced the straps, buckles, and cleats twice on my shoes, but this time, when i stripped out the cleat bolt plate thing, that was it. The frustration I had for those shoes that were attached to my feet was so incredible I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I just complained about it for a while and turned around and cheered on my beautiful roommate as she dominated the field.

But that situation has been fixed. Thanks to Cottonwood Cycles, I have a fully functioning shoe, with cleats that work, a shoe that isn’t stripped out, and i even managed to fix my own shifting problem. Not to mention the handy work of Dave Hagen, our team manager, in fixing the brakes on the bike.

So, I’ll do it again this weekend. Racing bikes, that is. A cyclocross one.


One thought on “Cyclocross: Round #2

  1. Everyone has there bad days Honey.. Sorry you had one of thoses day.. But you know racing… what ever the race.. Glad to hear you got it fixed… I love you…

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