Snow and Cyclocross

Alright, I’m taking a break from working on my senior seminar project to tell you all about my cyclocross action from this weekend.

#1) Woke up Saturday morning to a few inches of snow on the ground. LOVING IT. (Seriously). Washed the bikes in the snow (Allie and mine), loaded them in the car, and took off for racing.

#2) The drive to Dolores took a lot longer, but was much more entertaining.

#3) Pulled out a second place (behind Teal Stetson-Lee), with lifting and barely riding my bike the past few weeks.

The race was snowy. We ended up doing 4 laps, the first two being S L O W, but as the course got ridden in, it got faster, muddier, and slicker as we went along. The FLC ladies did extremely well. I definitely need a new pair of pedals. Those SPD things are useless with snow/mud.

The snow was pelting our faces. The ladies kept joking about how this is good preparation for nationals, which are in Madison wisconsin on january 8th. I responded by saying, “minus the -30 wind chill”.

My fleece lined TwinSix skinsuit was my saving grace. So nice and warm. Here are some photos. There was only one of me racing…..but now, it’s time to get back to my homework.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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