Mr. Dave Hagen

Let’s see….so, if you haven’t realized yet, we just won mountain bike nationals for maybe the 5th year in a row, making us 18 time national champions. Congrats to all those mountain bike people who went. Sarah Sturm, Lauren Catlin, Rotem Ishay and Howard Grotts are all 2011 D1 collegiate mountain bike champions as well!

Since we don’t have a “head coach”, and our “coaches” have all changed 4 times in the past 4 years, there is one person behind everything. He’s been the one stable thing in my career here at Fort Lewis College. As unfortunate as that is, he deserves a whole lot of credit for what we put him through on a daily basis. If you don’t know who he is, you should. Make it a point to find out. He came to track nationals this year, as my senior year, to make it his first trip to a velodrome for nationals, and he won’t ever really know how much that meant to me. He’s changed a lot of people’s lives without knowing it, and he has made FLC Cycling what it is today. I hope someday, soon, the athletes of the FLC cycling team will have a stable sidekick for him to help with the tradition that has been set.

2nd place at track nationals.

1st place at mountain bike nationals.

We are well on our way to become the #1 D1 Collegiate Cycling Team for another year.


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