Stolen Property

Tonight, while I was assisting in coaching the Special Olympics Volleyball here in Durango, my Oakley Radars were stolen from my bag while sitting next to the gym. I’m pretty devastated. Not only are they the only “riding” sunglasses I have, but I actually NEED to wear glasses when I ride due to an injury I sustained when I was younger. I have never understood the notion of stealing from another person, regardless if you are a special needs individual or a student from FLC, I don’t understand the motive. Especially when that item could mean something of great importance to another individual.

So, for those of you who live in Durango, keep on the lookout. They are the same ones I wear all the time, and have been wearing since 2009. They are white frames, with blue earsocks and a blue nose piece. They have a red Oakley “O” deal on the temple, and they have blue ice iridium lenses in them. They are dirty and disgusting and the lens is scratched. And I want them back. Please help me find them, if you can.




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