FLC Squawker Classic/RMCCC Conference Finals

This past weekend was the Squawker Classic here in Durango, which is the FLC home race, in other words, a mountain bike race, consisting of a short track, dual slalom, and cross-country race. So, Allie and I decided to pitch in on the adventure.

Now, let me just say, as a freshman (three years ago), I raced in my first mountain bike race, at the FLC Squawker Classic, and that was the end of that. I only raced the women’s B short track, which I think I got 2nd in, and then I ended up in a cast for 4 weeks, and had surgery, causing me to spend 4 out of the 7 months of my freshman year in a cast. So when I decided to take on this challenge of racing, I couldn’t help but think of the numerous incidents that occurred about three years ago and really really hope it wasn’t about to happen again.

And thankfully, it did not happen again. I was safe, smooth, I dropped my chain once, didn’t blow anything out, and finished that short track, and had a lot of fun. Twenty minutes are about a good time for me. I placed first, and Allie got third! 1-3 punch for the FLC women’s Bs! I’m proud to be a B. Seriously. It’s much better than having to actually count for something, especially when it comes to mountain biking, which, I’m not that fond of, unless it’s a nice cruising ride with Ian and Allie. Those I really enjoy.

The next day was the cross-country, which, I was forced to upgrade to the A’s, and well, I am definitely not a fan of cross-country races. It was fun, when I was venturing along by myself, at the point to which I really didn’t care about the race anymore. Being on a home course was an advantage, until we came up to certain places on the course where I wasn’t prepared to be turning, or going on difference trails, or on trails I didn’t even know existed. That’s always a bad thing, and kinda cool I suppose, when you come up to a part of the course, in the town you live in, that you didn’t know existed. That says a lot of about Durango, so many mountain bike trails….yet, no velodrome. Oh well. I crashed, a lot, not huge, but enough to throw me off continually. And that’s OK. My bike is in serious need of repair, after four years of riding and having no service. And the fact that I don’t race mountain bikes, I gallavant on them.

So, that was fun. It’s quite unfortunate that there is not a single photo of Allie or I racing, because all the photos were of the women’s and men’s A’s. Which, yeah, is important, but come on…really? We enjoyed our time racing, had some fun, got dirty, and then had more fun afterward.

So, this concludes this part of the blog. I’m going to get healthy, now that my cold has taken over my head, throat, lungs, and ability to sleep. Let the senior seminar commence, and the research papers, well, let’s just hope they write themselves.


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