Elite Track Nationals 2011

Alrighty. Elite Track Nats are over. Ian and I drove home this morning/afternoon/evening (meaning him), getting into Durango at 10:30pm, so…about two hours ago, and I pumped out some homework. And now it’s just chill time until I fall asleep. I’ve got a racing mind, trying to think of all the things I need to do tomorrow, including going back up to campus and going to class, meeting with professors, making up exams, and, next week, facing the “mid-terms” that will reflect the fact that I have been gone over half the semester so far. BUT, was it worth it? Most definitely.

This was my second trip to elites. Last year being the “test run”, so you could say. Ian and I ventured out about 5 days after we got back to Durango from collegiate track nationals in Indianapolis, and left Allie at home, to go to school and take care of the dog, my fish, and of course, my ever-growing potato plant.

Ian dominated the 4k individual pursuit. So proud of the kid. Took a 4th place, with only getting, about, 4-5 days on the track all year. And my top result was a 3rd in the women’s keirin. My favorite. I think I’ve done about….7, yup, about 7 keirins in my life.

And I’ve loved every single one of them. I also got 8th in the match sprints, (which was the first time I have ever done a match sprint on the LA track, and the first time I have ever qualified for them), and a 9th ( I think) in the 500m. Nothing to talk about in the 500, let’s just leave it as….to be continued. I’ll make up for it next year.

I am so excited about bringing home my first elite medal. It definitely helped with my “confused sprinter” state of mind, and I can say that I’m not confused anymore. For someone who races a full collegiate cx, road, and then qualifying for the collegiate all-star team and racing nature valley ( and finishing it at that), and then deciding I want to sprint, I like to think I didn’t do too bad. Imagine if I actually took a full year to track as a sprinter, what could I become…..

And that is what we will find out. I need to thank the Service Cycle, for getting my bike all ready, Mark Tyson for being a great coach and person all around and taking care of me, my roommates for being the greatest people….and so many others…all my friends who send me good job, good luck, you’re the best messages. 🙂 It’s enough to make anyone feel great about themselves. I am very blessed.

And now it is the off-season. Time to get caught up, on both my homework, life, and shows on Hulu. Let the senior seminar project commence. And I’ll see all you track people in a few months…like…8.

And thanks to Pat Benson, Rob Evans, Gus Sarmiento, and VeloImages for the great pictures all around!


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