We have arrived.

The team is now in Indianapolis, IN. Our flights were great, on time, not much of a layover. I met a lovely man by the name of “Ed” on the plane from Durango to Denver. He was from Sheboygan Wisconsin, which I have actually been too. And ironically, I have a sticker on my car that says, ” I ❤ Sheboygan”. He also owned a heating company there called “Mr. Ed’s Heating”, and giggled as we discussed the TV land show of “Mr. Ed”. Then, the flight from Denver to Indianapolis was very entertaining, filled with cookies, my senior seminar project, spongebob, and the best of all….ridiculousness. Couldn’t be happier that we had Direct TV on that flight. I’ve never heard so many people laugh simultaneously before about people doing stupid things.

Then we landed. The bikes, bags, everything made it here. Everyone was safe….then there was traffic, so, we, as a team of little 10 people hung out in the Indy airport for an hour and a half, having fun adventures throughout the time. I think the TSA had more fun watching us than they did doing their job. This is going to be an incredible weekend with some of my best friends, and not to mention, my last collegiate track nationals with FLC.

Anyways. We are here.


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