It’s time.

7,300 miles and 6 flights later, my summer has come to an end. Eventful? Sure. Interesting? Most definitely. Worth it? At times. School is back in session, but September is still going to be my busiest month yet. With collegiate and elite track nationals coming up, I’m sure to send my professors into a raging fit and get mid-term grades that would make my grandmother faint, but I guarantee you that it will be worth it.

So as the new freshman crawl around campus, all dressed up to impress the boys and their professors, I’m starting my fourth and final year at Fort Lewis. And yes, I’m wearing my Nike pants. As I always do. I think by the time you get to this point, (senior year, that is) all the professors know you, and they all know the first day of class excitement is overrated. Somewhat like high school prom, or middle school graduation….

This morning I woke up and thought, “Wow, what a beautiful day. I should ride a bike up to campus.” NOT! As I drove up around 9:15am, I then thought, “I can’t believe our old campus road race went up this thing 6 times, who does that!” I did. Two years ago. But it’s nice to be back in Durango. Back to school, getting this undergrad done and over with. And getting settled once again.

12 states, 7,300 miles driven, and 6 flights….I think dad will agree that my car needs an oil change, and I need to go back home. Well now I’m here. Back to long nights and early mornings; burger nights and bread breakfast. The dilemmas of running out of ink the night before the project is due, buying the book or not buying the book, buying groceries or buying a parking pass….Oh the possibilities. In some crazy way, I love it. Always an adventure. Always.


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