LA, it’s been good, but not great…

And this phase of the trip is complete. I learned a lot in those two days, didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but that’s how life goes, ya know? The drive there with Maddie was fun, most definitely. We were making great time, driving our way through all the states, which I can’t even remember. The drive was beautiful! Then, we got stuck in traffic right outside Las Vegas, for 4 HOURS, a and only traveled 100 MILES! It was horrid. And of course, I was in the drivers seat, when it started, and then when my shift was over, it was smooth sailing for Maddie. It actually worked out though, because Maddie knows her way around LA like it’s on the back of her hand. So, our travel day was: wake up at 4am, and get into LA around 10pm, unpack the bicycles, and into bed by 11:30. Then up the next morning for some track time.

The LA track really isn’t scary, like most people think. It’s just quite different than Colorado Springs. Really different. Once you actually are told how to do a flying 200, on the LA track, you (if you are me) realize how wrong you are doing it to begin with. BUT, when I come back to LA for elite track nationals, it’s going to be quite helpful.

We rode a sweet tandem. Mountain bike style. It was pretty much a highlight for this week. We went to the beach with Maddie, Jill (Maddie’s wonderful aunt), and myself. If you have never ridden a tandem with a rusted out chain, shifting that rarely exists, and tires that you once rode at sub 10psi, then please don’t now. We had mad skills, manuvering that thing through many tight turns and spirals and random such and suches. We were on top of it. The ocean was as beautiful as ever, the weather was great. Sunny, little breezy. Beautiful. If it wasn’t for the smog, this place might be nice. It’s just too smog-a-licious for me.

Yesterday I jumped on a train and rode it from LA to Oakland. It was my first time on a train! I would definitely do it again. I wish there were more trains around. Completely stress free, people were friendly, you can run around and explore….it was wonderful! No security checkpoints, no seatbelts, and no ear popping altitude changes. Union Station in LA was absolutely beautiful. Straight out of 1939, and really cool. Although, it took me a good hour or so to find a working plug in, which was conveniently located in Starbucks.

So, I got in here later last night, and I’ll be hanging out for a short time. And then life goes on, once again. School starts at the end of August, and my priorities are starting to shift. I suppose I should buy school books at some points…but I really need some new tires….what to do….


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