Travel Time Again

Alrighty. My love for the track is continuing, but this time, I’m heading to LA with the sprint princess, Maddie Godby, and all our best equipment, to go as fast as possible, for a very short time. My first time on the LA track was last September for elite track nationals, and it was quite the experience, but it’s time to learn how to ride it all over again, get used to the different lines, and have another road trip adventure. This time we’ll cover 1,049 miles. And I have a partner in crime.

This adventure is the belated adventure, due to the fact that Miss Maddie fell on her little melon a few weeks ago. She’s all bright and healthy now, and continually kicking my butt in jumps and efforts, so, if anything, the little bump knocked some more fast twitch muscles into place.

This week has been interesting. For starters, I was minding my own business and a car decided to side-swipe me. Who knows why…and why they didn’t stop…that I’d like to know as well. But, oh well. I was fine, just a little twisted up knee and a sad little excuse for a scrap. The bike survived, luckily, FLC’s frame was not damaged, just my crank and chainring got some nice shiners on them.

I’m excited to be heading out to LA. I can’t think of anything better than pulling on a skinsuit, TT helmet, and riding race wheels, all in one solid effort to go as fast as possible. My shoe covers are on their way to Durango, which, doesn’t do me much good when I’m in Colorado Springs, but at least I’ll have them for collegiate and elite nationals.

So, with that, I leave you, as I sit here in Starbucks and contemplate the massive amount of packing I have been doing. Tomorrow will be the last COS track training day, before the adventure of COS->LA->SFO->DRO->COS. Let the adventures begin! Again.


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