I’m still here.

It’s about that time where people are once again, continually asking, “Where are you? What are you doing?”. It has been a while since I’ve undated this thing, so I apologize, to those who care.

It is true, I am supposed to be in Portland, and now, in seattle, but I am not. I’m still in Colorado Springs. Due to an unfortunate accident that happened last week, Maddie and I did not depart on our adventures to the Alpenrose Velo Challenge or the Marymoor Grand Prix. Instead, I am enjoying some training at the velodrome and getting my sprint legs back. In a way, it’s a blessing in disguise. After coming off of a) food poisoning, b) not riding, c) a wedding, and d) NVGP, my legs were not moving as fast as I would like. But it’s coming back quick.

And to answer a few more questions: I do not have my car. Yes, I ride my bike everywhere, unless I can get Claire to go on adventures with me. I did go see Harry Potter on opening night, and yes, it was absolutely ridiculous. Great movie, Strange people. Words with friends is the greatest game ever (not really). I feel like I get smarter everyday (only a little bit). I have kinda been racing, kinda not. It’s not top priority right now. I want to get as much training as I can in before collegiate and elite track nationals.  And finally, yes, I am considering going to grad school! We will see what happens.

On a final note. I’ve decided what I love, what I’m going to do, and what my future goals are. No more being wishy-washy. No more doing things because people “think I should”. It’s not a matter of what you may be good at, but where my heart is. Welcome to it. I’m not going to be fast now. But come this time next year, let’s see what I’ve become.


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